Wonderland Programming

*We will be adding more to this as more information becomes available*

Programming Schedule


12:00PM – Q&A with Megan Fahlenbock in the Tomodachi Anime Room (Kensington Room)
2:00PM – Q&A with Michael Copon in the Iacon North Room (Governor Room)


12:00PM – Q&A with PJ Phil in the Ai-Kon Room (Hanover Room)
2:00PM – Q&A with Jason Faunt in the Doyougunpla Room (York Room)

Gaming Schedlule

Open LAN Gaming, Console, and Tabletop, overnight!

Video Room Schedules

Saturday (10-4) – Gundam Unicorn
Saturday (4 till close) – Mobile Suit Gundam (0079)
Sunday (10-2) – Mobile Suit Gundam: Stardust Memory (0083)
Sunday (2-3) – Panel (No screening)
Sunday (3 till close) – G-Gundam

*note, most other video rooms will be an audience choice, so check it out and put in your requests!