Photo Ops

Photo Ops

froggylogo2Froggy’s Photos returns with the nicest 8×10 celebrity photos! Get your photo taken with any of our guests in Guest Alley!

Please note: The time listed on your Eventbrite receipt is the time Froggy’s Photos opens and the time it closes. Froggy’s Photos Opens on Friday, October 28th at 4:00PM and closes on Sunday, October 30th at 3:00PM.

Also note: You will not be given a specific time for your Photo Op. Please refer to the schedule below, you will have 2 – 3 opportunities to get your preferred photo op, but YOU choose the time you want to attend the photo op.

Also note: Photo Ops purchases are available on site as well directly from Froggy’s Photos.

Photo Ops Schedule

C4 Photo -Ops:
4:45…..Marc McClure
5:00…..Jim Beaver
5:15…..Steve Blum
5:30…..Denise Crosby
6:00…..John Rhys-Davies
6:20…..Allison Mack
6:40……Paul Amos

11:50…..John Rhys-Davies
12:20…..Renee O’Conner
12:50…..Allison Mack
1:35…..Jim Beaver
1:50…..Marc McClure
2:05…..Steve Blum
4:00…..John Rhys-Davies
4:20…..Paul Amos
4:30…..Allison mack

12:00…..Steve Blum
12:15…..Jim Beaver
12:30…..Marc McClure
12:45…..Dennis Crosby
1:00…..Allison Mack
1:20…..Paul Amos
1:30…..Renee O’Conner
2:00…..John Rhys-Davies


Photo Ops Rules

1. Be there on time! You’ll have more than one opportunity for a photo op throughout the weekend, choose your time and be there 15 minutes early.

2. No more than 2 people per photo. You will only get 1 copy of the photo. You can order more from Froggy’s Photos on site only. Group deals are onsite only.

3. Smile!

4. Don’t forget to pick up your photo! They will be on tables outside the photo ops area approx 2 – 4 hours after the photo op session. Be sure to come back and pick up your photo!

5. Most Photo Ops Prices match the Guest’s Autograph Price, so if you want both, double the price! (ie: William Shatner’s photo op is $80, his autograph is also $80, it’s $160 for both)

6. All Photo Ops / Autograph Prices are non negotiable, these are set by the agents and not by C4 or Froggy’s Photos.