Costume Contest

One of the most popular events at C4 is our annual Costume Contest. Each year, hundreds of contestants vie for the title of best costume in six categories and Best In Show for the entire convention! The contest is judged by our out-of-town celebrity cosplayers who spend hours inspecting each costume and deliberating over the best craftsmanship and concepts.

For C4 2017 the Costume Contest judges will be LeeAnna Vamp, WindoftheStars and Rian Synnth.

When the contests will be held

C4 Annual Costume Contest: Saturday, October 28th, 5PM – 7PM, Presentation Theatre, Second Floor, RBC Convention Centre

C4 Annual Kids Costume Contest: Sunday, October 29th, 4PM – 5PM, Presentation Theatre, Second Floor, RBC Convention Centre


There are six categories available for entry: Youth, Novice, Artisan, Journeyman, Masters, and Group.

Youth – All contestants aged 12 and under are entered in the Youth category. From there, the costumes are divided into two sub-categories, Independent and Adult Assisted. The Youth Costume Contest is a separate event from the main contest and will take place on Sunday, October 30 at 2 pm in the Presentation Theatre.

Novice – This category is for first-time entrants into the C4 Costume Contest, meaning that if you have never before entered the C4 contest, novice is for you. If you have entered the C4 contest in previous years, you must move on to the Artisan category.

Artisan – For those who have entered before and have more experience with costuming and creating costumes from scratch. Entries in the Artisan category should be new for this year, not a costume that was entered in previous years.

Journeyman – Semi-professional costumers enter this category. If you have won an award in a previous costume contest, and are constantly creating and altering costumes, you are a journeyman.

Masters – Only the highest quality costumes need enter here. If your costume creations are so close to the real thing, people do a double take to make sure it’s not the actual character, then you are a master. You could go pro one day, and indeed make money by costuming at events.
Group – New for 2016, this category is for all groups of two people or more who dress in costume under a similar theme. It could be characters from the same comic, anime, film or TV show. It could be two people dressed as one character. If there is more than one person involved in your costume, you must enter in this category.


Registration will take place on site at C4 at the Costume Contest Registration Booth. The booth is located on the second floor of the Winnipeg Convention Centre near the con entrance. Entrants must fill out the registration form in full and retain their copy until the contest begins. There is no entry fee for the contest.

Costume Contest Registration Booth Hours of Operation: Friday 3pm – 8pm, Saturday: 10am – 3pm, Sunday: 11am – 1pm

Pre-Registration / When you need to report to the Presentation Theatre to line up is as follows:

C4 Annual Costume Contest: Saturday, October 28th, 4PM

C4 Annual Kids Costume Contest: Sunday, October 29th, 3PM


The Costume Contest Liaison reserves the right to eliminate anyone from competition on the basis of taste, danger to the audience/other contestants or for any other reason deemed sufficient.

Purchased costumes must be at least 50% modified to be eligible for the contest.

Commissioned costumes may be entered into any category but the person who created the costume must be named, present to answer questions on craftsmanship and will be named alongside the contestant should they win any awards.

No nudity. This is a family friendly event and should your costume expose male or female genitalia, you will be removed from the convention.

Surprise the audience, but not the Costume Contest Liaison. If you are planning to do anything other than walk on and off you must tell the Liaison in advance via your registration form. No alterations to your application or personal requirements (other than dropping out of the contest) will be permitted once a contestant has registered.

If you wish to have a specific song, music or sound played, address the audience, or anything else during your performance that would require the sound system, you must prepare it on a USB drive. You are responsible for ensuring the clip is appropriately cut/prepped for the time cues you want. You are entirely responsible for providing this and ensuring that it works prior to contest registration. No sound files will be accepted once a contestant has registered.

We will not be allowing the use of a microphone.


This section is an explanation of how the awards are broken up. It has nothing to do with the application process and is informational only. Also, it is subject to change without notice BUT be assured any changes will be subtle and will not take place once registration has begun.

Skill level (Novice, Journeyman, Artisan, Masters) prizes will be awarded at the end of the competition. All prize plaques (including presentation and honorary mentions) will be presented to the winners on stage.

Best in Show

This is awarded to the best performance and display of craftsmanship to an individual or group. Best in show is the highest award given. The C4 Annual Costume Contest will have a Best in Show chosen from all Novice to Masters categories.

Youth Division Prizes

All Youth entrants will receive a prize for entering the costume contest. C4 will award only a Best in Show for the Youth Division.

Honorary Mentions

Are meant entirely to give credit where credit is due. Drawing from all levels at once they can have a first, second, and third place of their very own.

Honorary mentions are created by the judges depending on what kind of costumes appear in bulk or to highlight a particular competitor’s achievements. Keep in mind a minimum number of entries in your genre/theme will be required to place. Some examples of possible honorary mention titles would be; Group, Representation from a Book, Favorite Fursona, Best Likeness to Video Game.

Some honorary awards are being sponsored by interested fan groups and C4 sponsors as well as local groups and businesses.

Any questions about the costume contest or to apply to sponsor an award can be addressed to

Weapons Policy

All costumes must comply with our weapons policy. Visit the Con Policies to read more.