Tickets are on sale now

Hi Fans!

A simple announcement to say Tickets and Memberships are on sale now! Check out the “Buy Tickets” tab at the top to get your tickets and memberships for C4 2014!

More news happening in C4 land:

It’s GUEST season! Stay tuned as we announce more guests throughout the upcoming weeks! We thank you all for your guest suggestions and please note, many of the guests you’ve suggested are ones we’re already working on, so thank you for your continued support!

GAMING! We’re really excited to be working with All Your Base for an EPIC LAND gaming event all weekend! Stay tuned as we announce more details on this!

Kay Pike has announced that she will be our official C4 Girl, look for her as we do some upcoming promos.

C4 Merchandise! On our Facebook page we asked which stuffed animal wearing a C4 designed shirt you’d like to see most. The results are in and the winners are: Moose, Panda and Wolf! Thanks to everyone who responded, and we look forward to unveiling some wicked t-shirt designs for our animals!

Stay Nerdy!

C4 Team