Artist FAQ


Complete the Artist Registration Form  or Make Registration Form found in the “Book Your Table” page and send it back to us with payment. Payment can be made by cash, cheque, credit card or Paypal as detailed below.

Cheque or Money Order:

Make out to C4 – Central Canada Comic Con & mail to 555 Sargent Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3B 1W4. Please clearly indicate your business name on the cheque.

Credit Card & Paypal:

Payment can be made over the phone at 204-786-6554. Paypal or Etransfer can be directed to

What are the show dates and hours?
C4 2017 runs October 27th – 29th, Friday 2pm – 9pm, Saturday 10am – 7pm, and Sunday 11am – 6pm.

Am I eligible for an Artist Alley table at C4?
Artist Alley tables are reserved for artists, writers, and creators. If you make everything you sell yourself, you’re allowed to sell it in Artist Alley. Please note: absolutely no merchandise whether used, or bought from wholesalers may be on your table or at your booth.

What about fan art?
Our team believes that fan art is overdone. It’s up to you if you want to fill your table with fan art, but please note, if you’re redrawing something directly from a popular book, we will likely flip your table because that’s not cool. We want more creators who work for IDW, Marvel, Darkhorse, DC, etc, people who are creating these characters for the books fans are reading. If you’re indie, show off your original work and respect the artists in the industry who work hard to produce popular books. You never know when you’ll be hired by one of the big companies! We live for the indie comics, original characters, and truly unique things out there.

What about merchandise I handmade myself?
You may fit better under the new Maker category which includes jewelry, purses, aprons, bags, figures, etc. We have plans to create a “Maker’s Row” in a section which will help to bring more attention to what you do. Be sure to fill out the correct form so that you’re put in the right spot on the floor plan.

What does my table include?
You will get either an 8ft. or 6ft. table, plus approx. 3.5 – 4ft. behind you for any displays you have brought. Yes, Artist Alley is cramped, and there’s no pipe and drape, so mind your neighbors.

What if I have a lot of things to put at my table?
Generally speaking you should book the correct space you need for your product. In the event you book an inadequate amount of space, you may be fined $100 due to overcrowding. We ask that you respect your neighbors and book the space you need, booking less space and hoping to cram it tight will only result in a fine.

How many weekend passes do I get with my table?
For 1 tables you get 2 passes. After that, you receive one additional pass per table booked. So: 3 tables = 4 passes, 4 tables = 5 passes, and so on…

What if I need extra badges, passes, wristbands?
You can purchase extra passes for $30 for the weekend or $10 for a single day from the artist registration desk on the second floor anytime throughout the con. You cannot trade off wristbands to other people, but you can split your weekend wristband into one day wristbands.

Where will my table be?
Your table number is located on our interactive floor plan.

What if I want to change my table location?
We do our best to honor all requests made, but sometimes we can’t. Please be patient with us, if we can’t get you your first desired location, please send us your second and third location preferences.

What should I bring to the con?
While it varies from artist to artist, it’s a good idea to have paper and pencils on hand for taking down information. It’s a very good idea to have business cards with your contact information on it. You don’t have to place these on your table directly if you choose not to, but have them available to hand out for commissions or interested fans.

When am I able to set up my table?
Artist Registration begins at 8AM on Thursday, 8AM on Friday, and is located on the second floor in the south (new) building. Registration opens again at 8AM Saturday and 9AM Sunday for restocking.

Can I come set up on Thursday night?
Yes. Registration closes at 11PM.

Where is registration?
Registration will be located on the second floor of the south (new) building. You will have access to it via stairs, escalators, elevators and a bridge that goes from the old building to the new building. You’ll be loading directly into Hall C.

What if I just want to show up on Saturday or Sunday?
If YOU ARE NOT IN THE BUILDING AND AT YOUR TABLE BY 1PM ON FRIDAY WE WILL ALLOT YOUR TABLE TO THE PEOPLE ON THE WAITING LIST. NO EXCEPTIONS AND NO REFUNDS. So just be there . . . we don’t want to have to do this, but it’s rude to the fans, our staff, and your fellow artists if you decide you want to show up whenever. There are plenty of other artists who will gladly use the space.

Can we leave our stuff overnight?
Yes. You don’t have to pack up and set up again and again each day. The doors lock, there’s overnight security and your stuff will be safe.

What if I need the loading dock or elevator?
You need to tell us if you need the loading dock so we can reroute you. There are brand new elevators in the new building, plus escalators you can use to tote your things up to the third floor.

What about the second floor loading dock?
You mean the invisible one? Unfortunately there is no second floor loading dock.

What if not everyone helping me at my table over the weekend is there during set up?
Leave their names at registration, and tell them where they can find the Artist Alley Registration Desk.

What if I don’t like my table location?
Unfortunately due to space constraints and being courteous to other artists at C4, you cannot switch your table location on the day of the show. If you don’t like your table location you can send a request to before the show to have your table placement changed, if possible.

Where can I park?
Parking is available at the RBC Convention Centre parkade for $16.00/day, no in and out access. You can also park in the parkade at the corner of York and Carleton, the Best Western Parkade, the Parkade across the street from the Best Western, the Parkades down Hargrave at St. Mary Ave. before the MTS Centre and Tavern United, the parkade at Edmonton and St. Mary Ave. or the Parkades at the Forks. Unfortunately due to construction there is a shortage of parking in Winnipeg. Any larger trucks, trailers, etc. should be parked at the Forks. C4 will not have parking passes available this year.

Can I eat at my table?
Yes, but please clean up after yourself. If you’re leaving the building to acquire food stuffs, please use the entrance by the Freight elevator when you return. Do not try to go through the attendee lines.

Can I get internet access or an electrical outlet for my table?
Electricity is available in advance through Internet is free through Telus, just enter your email address and you are good to go!

What about taxes, GST/PST/HST, Business Registration?
The general rule of thumb is that if you’re making under 10,000/yr you do not need to have a registered business or a PST number. If you’re selling prints you created yourself, these items are considered non taxable. GST rate in Manitoba is 5%, PST rate is 8%. Please see: for more information.

How high can my banner go?

Due to fire regulations your banner cannot exceed 10ft.

What does my table payment go toward?
Your table payment primarily pays for the table and chair rental from the convention centre, as well as the cost of signage and wristbands.

What about Safe Trick or Treat?
You are responsible for bringing candy and a bucket to participate in this event for kids. If you don’t have candy we will have candy available at Registration for $10/bag. There will be 100 pieces in each bag.

When will I be mailed out my Artist Information Package?
We don’t mail anything out via snail mail. You will get an e-mail from us pointing you to this page, and giving you any other updates that are not included on this page. All the basic info you need to know about being an Artist at C4 is right here.

I have another question. who do I contact?
Email with your question, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!

I want to hold a raffle/draw at my table. What should I do?
Typically, most raffles and draws are allowed at our shows. Please fill out a Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries application and once you’ve been approved, email a copy to us.