C4 Volunteer Open House Sept 14th

Drop in between 4pm and 8pm to talk to the C4 Team about becoming a volunteer!

The event will be held on September 14th, at 551 Sargent Ave.

C4 needs 400 volunteers! Come on down and help us hit our goals to make this great event happen! Lots of cool volunteer perks included!

GENERAL VOLUNTEERS – 5 points per hour, 5 hour shifts
Don’t have a preference of what you’re doing at C4? General volunteers help with wristbanding, badging, gofering and supporting other teams.

LINE CONTROL VOLUNTEERS – 5 points per hour, 5 hour shifts
Are you an extrovert and enthusiastic person who likes working with crowds? This team helps us manage lines of thousands of people at C4, both directing traffic, holding up signs, handing out maps/guides, and helping us keep the mass chaos organized!

Do you work in a warehouse, carpentry, industrial sector, trucking, shipping and receiving? This is the team for you! The set up and tear down team looks after all the math involved with setting up the booths, tables and attractions, they help exhibitors move in and move out.

REGISTRATION VOLUNTEERS – 8 hour shifts, 10 points per hour
Are you an administrative ninja that can kick it old school? We have a number of registration areas for exhibitors, artists, volunteers, info booths, and annual pass holders that need a trained team of awesome people to manage. We don’t use computers, just index card boxes, pens, maps, and sticky notes! If you’ve got experience with working in an office, we’d love to talk to you more. *Please note, you’ll have to interview with Violet Paille and be available to attend additional training.

GUEST LIAISONS – Varying hours, shadowing a celebrity
This is a secret team of Ninjas managed by Lisa Barr that is very selective and difficult to join, but if you have a driver’s license, a newer vehicle, are bonded, and have experience working with celebrities, we will refer you to Lisa for an interview.