Brand New C4 Site!

Hi Fans!

Welcome to the all new C4 Website! You’ll notice some major differences from our old template, click the read more tab to learn about these changes!

Top 7 Changes to the site

1) No Sidebar

We didn’t really see the need or a use for the sidebar with this theme, so it’s gone, and everything you need to know about the show is now located throughout the page, scroll is your friend!

2) New Logo

C4 has needed a new logo for awhile, and because we’re an explosive event we wanted to show that off!

3) Guests!

This new Word Press Theme makes it easier than ever for us to add guests, from the roulette at the bottom of the main page, to the “Guests” page which shows the icons for each of the guests, to their individual bio sites, it’s a great little function.

4) Artists!

We were able to emulate our old artist listing with another new Word Press Plugin that allows us to add each Artist to the list and allows us to set their featured image.

5) GET A TICKET button

Previously you had to click through a couple places to be taken to the ticketmaster site to get your tickets. Now you can click on the “Get a Ticket” button right under the countdown! Alternatively you can click on the Memberships menu item at the top to be taken to the page where you can purchase your Memberships from Eventbrite

6) Sponsors

We’re still working on this but we have an all new system to add sponsors to our page as well and so soon you’ll see that added to our main page. We’re super excited to be offering this!

7) Menus

We’ve got a drop down menu at the top which has been revamped to help you find things like the schedule of what’s going on, different groups of guests appearing at the con (from celebs, artists, artist alley, exhibitors, clubs) to travel information, FAQ and more!

The menu is also copied in the footer so you can easily navigate to any of the pages you might be looking for.

All in all this Theme is one of our favorites and we hope you like it too!

Stay Nerdy,
C4 Team