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Welcome to our brand new blog series: Behind the C4! We hope to be able to give you some insight into what exactly goes into running your friendly neighborhood Central Canada Comic Con.

Today’s topic: GUESTS

You’ve probably caught yourself wondering how we managed to bring guests like William Shatner, Patrick Stewart, Adam West, Lou Ferrigno, Jeremy Bulloch and many others to our great city. I hope to be able to shed some light on the process that happens each year when we begin to put together our guest line up.


We’ve been around a long time, our physical office is open to the public (because it’s a comic book shop) and we have our facebook pages, plus our e-mail address where fans can easily get in touch with us. We listen to your ideas, who you want to see, which shows you’re watching, and who would make you squee your faces off. Because we’ve been doing this so long, our lists of requests are pretty long and we might end up fulfilling a request that was made 3-5 years ago.


These people are really the stars in my opinion. They aren’t the managers, talent agents, or publicists. They are the event booking agents who arrange the guests schedules so they can attend as many comic cons and expos out there in a year. We work with a lot of different agents, and work on cultivating great relationships with them so that they are inclined to bring more of their guests to Winnipeg. Each agent has more than one guest that they represent, and often times they will tell us who they represent, so we can go through and choose who we would like to pursue.


So we take your fan ideas into account, go to the agents who tell us who they represent, try to match it up, and send in a bunch of requests for guests. From there the agent communicates with the guest directly or the guest’s management company to see if they can get the guest on board. Contracts are negotiated, signed and then it’s done! Deal closed!


Is SO hard. Who the agents represent v.s. who you want us to bring in doesn’t always match up. Therefore we take a few other things into account when booking our guest line up for any given year:

– At least one Star Trek Guest
– At least one Star Wars Guest
– Guests who have had long lines at other shows
– Guests who are GREAT with the fans
– Guests who are low budget


So we’re a non profit organization, and our aim is to donate money to the community. We can’t book a guest that is out of our price range, because what we donate to the community is more important than paying a guest to come to Winnipeg.


Sometimes guests come to us wanting to come out. Some guests don’t work with agents but book all their own shows. Some guests could charge but they don’t. We always love finding these opportunities.

In closing, booking guests is one of the more difficult tasks C4 undertakes, but we always do our best to bring you guests that we hope will make you super happy!

Violet Paille


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  1. Good Afternoon

    Congrats on another great Con. I was actually able to go every day and found it very entertaining. I am already excited for next year!!!! I hope next year youd consider Stacey Rebecca as a Cosplayer guest next year. She has stunning costumes and is a very talented artist. Thanks for another great con and I will see you next year!!!!

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