C4 began to grow in 1995 as a simple weekend tradeshow called the River City Collector’s Expo. Back in 1995, we did everything from sportscards to antiques to toys and comic books. As times changed, so did the event, and in 2000 it became the Manitoba Toy & Comic Expo, dropping the antiques and reducing the sportscards.

In 2006, the show exploded as the Manitoba Comic Con, and brought in attendees from all over Manitoba and North Dakota. The show focused on toys, comic books, gaming, anime, and local artists.

In 2007, it brought in the media aspect with David Prowse, Richard Hatch, Herb Jefferson, Barbara March, Gwynyth Walsh and Margot Kidder.

In 2008, the show had outgrown its previous venues, so it moved to the Winnipeg Convention Centre with guests like Lou Ferrigno, Jeremy Bulloch, LeVar Burton, Erica Durance, Justin Hartley, Charlie Adler, Herb Jefferson, Helen Slater, Gerard Christopher, David Palffy and John de Lancie. Over 16,000 people were in attendance in 2008.

In 2009, the show had Adam West of Batman and Family Guy, Julie Newmar of Batman and To Wong Foo, Dirk Benedict of the A-Team and Battlestar Galactica, Peter Mayhew of Chewbacca from Star Wars, and Marv Wolfman, comic book writer and creator of Blade.

In 2010, guests Garrett Wang, Jack O’Halloran, Orli Shoshan, Lee Tockar, Rebecca Staab, and Supertramp were the special guests. Over 18,000 people attended in 2010, drawing in people from all around North America.

After the 2010 show, Wizard World purchased the convention, but dropped out before the event could be held. The previous organizers picked up where Wizard World left off, and pulled off the event in their place with only months to plan.

In 2011, guests included William Shatner, Captain Kirk (Star Trek); Jonathan Frakes, Riker (Star Trek: TNG); Nana Visitor, Kira Nerys (Star Trek: DS9); Ethan Phillips, Neelix (Star Trek: Voyager); Chase Masterson, Leeta (Star Trek: DS9); Kevin Sorbo, Hercules, Captain Dylan Hunt (Hercules, Andromeda); Kate Vernon, Ellen Tigh (Battlestar Galactica); Bret Hart, Wrestler; Maria de Aragon, Greedo (Star Wars); Michael Golden, Comic Artist/Writer; and Adrienne Wilkinson, Eve (Xena: Warrior Princess). The event had over 25,000 people in attendance.

In 2012, guests inluded Patrick Stewart, Billy Dee Williams, Marina Sirtis, Nichelle Nichols, Dean Cain, Alan Oppenheimer, Vic Mignogna, Paul McGillion, Torri Higginson, Tamara Gorski, Zoie Palmer, and Aaron Ashmore. Wrestlers Kevin Nash and Bret Hart. The event had 34,000 people in attendance.

In 2013, the year started off with strong with the C4 Pop Culture Expo with the original Dynamic Duo Adam West and Burt Ward, as well as Yvonne Craig. C4 was nominated for and won the Marketing Campaign Under $2500 award from Tourism Winnipeg, and was nominated for Sustainable Tourism in the Manitoba Tourism Awards. The year continued with Swords and Sabers, ramping up to the big C4 show in November which saw 44,000 people in attendance. C4 is now the largest event at the Convention Centre in Winnipeg and it is the only event held at the Convention Centre to have won awards in Tourism.

In 2014, C4 organized the first Wonderland Festival featuring the cast of Sailor Moon, second annual C4 Lit Fest, two Winnipeg Comic & Toy Expos, Swords & Sabres and volunteered with the Bombers, all before the big C4 event which saw an attendance of 37,000. C4 continues to be the largest attended event at the convention centre. And now we have some official pics from this year’s event!

In 2015, C4 organized the Winnipeg Comic & Toy Expos, Wonderland Festival with Michael Copon and Jason Faunt, and volunteered with the Blue Bombers. The big C4 event saw its largest attendance with 48,000 attendees and guests like Sylvester McCoy, Gates McFadden and Rob Van Dam.

In 2016, C4 organized Winnipeg Comic & Toy Expos, the first inaugural St. Valentine’s Horror Con with guest Kane Hodder, and won Manitoba Tourism Award for Marketing Excellence. The big C4 event saw 70,000 attendees and guests like William Shatner, Mark Pellegrino, Debby Deriberry, and local Winnipeg born actor Aleks Paunovic.