After-Party Policy

Organizing an after party on the weekend of C4? Here are a few things you should know about how to successfully execute your plans!

C4 Brand, Logos, & Name Sake

You may not use these in any format to advertise your after party. “C4” is registered with the companies office in Manitoba and you may not associate “C4” “Central Canada Comic Con” or any form of the wording, including “comic con” in your after party title.

Titles like “Firefly After Party – Hosted by ‘Name of Group’ at ‘Name of Place’ ‘Time and date’” is perfectly fine.

You may NOT use our logos on any of your after party advertisements. This includes our leaf, C4 Girl, Web headers, and any other graphics and artwork created specifically for the branding of C4.

You may of course use your own group’s logos, as long as they are not in any way similar to the logos and branding of C4.

Onsite Promotions

C4 organizes its own After Parties, therefore on site promotion of after parties that are NOT organized by C4 is prohibited. You may not put up posters around the RBC Convention Centre, or hand out hand flyers throughout the crowds.

You may advertise your after party at your table, sell tickets, or spread news of the after party through word of mouth while at C4.

You may of course use your own social media sites, or do advertising off site. As long as you are not advertising your after party in any place other than space you have rented for C4, you will be fine.

Celebrity Guests

Are not allowed to do any other events outside of C4 unless express written permission is given by C4.

C4 brings out a number of celebrity guests who are contracted to appear at C4 exclusively during the weekend of C4. You may not request their appearance at your after party.


Should yourself or your group violate these policies, the board of directors of C4 – Central Canada Comic Con will take corrective action which may include but not be limited to: not allowing a group to book tables at future C4 events, asking the group to pack up their table and leave C4 at the end of the day without refund, or banning individual members of the group from appearing at future C4 events.

Bootleg Policy

We are a bootleg-free convention. All exhibitors must follow strict guidelines for the marketing of anime merchandise. There will be no bootlegs or unofficial copies permitted for sale at the convention. Any dealers found selling bootleg merchandise will be asked to remove it from the con premises

Giveaways Policy

Raffles: You must have a social permit from Manitoba Lotteries displayed at your booth if you wish to have a raffle. Please notify C4 Directors if your group will be running a raffle.

Giveaways: You have three options for running a giveaway as listed below:
Offsite Social Media Giveaway: Where you use a QR Code or Web link and have attendees like or
tweet your social media pages. You then choose a winner from the people who have liked or
Business Card in the Jar: Whereby attendees put their business cards in a jar for a chance to
win a prize from your business.
Mailing List Sign Up: Where people sign up for your business’s mailing list for the chance to
win a prize.

Types of Giveaways and Raffles that are banned from C4: Any type of giveaway where the public fills out a form and puts it into a drum. Any giveaway or raffle that is not sanctioned by a registered C4 exhibitor, artist or club (this violates our solicitation policy) and any giveaway whereby all those who enter will be contacted. You may only contact the winners of the draw, not all winners who have entered unless they have signed up specifically to your mailing list or social media.

Harassment Policy

Downloadable Harassment Policy:

Photographer/Videographer Policy

All congoers may feel free to take pictures or video at the convention. However, please be respectful of other attendees while doing so. Do not obstruct walkways or attractions when taking photographs or video.

Always ask permission before taking a photograph or video of someone in costume.

Please do not photograph or videotape underage attendees without their parents’ permission.

Please wait in line to get a photograph or video with celebrities and guests. Please do not take photographs or video where not permitted, including at artist tables.

Remember to keep an eye on your camera and equipment at all times. The convention is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Attendees should be aware that media will be in attendance at the convention, and may be photographed or filmed at any time.

Solicitation Policy

All those selling goods, services, or products at the convention must be accompanied by prior authorization from the convention head coordinator in the form of a Promoter Pass.

Weapons Policy

The Central Canada Comic Con wants everyone to have a safe convention. We also want to encourage people to have fun with their costume designs.

Event Policy

  • All EVENT HQ attendees, exhibitors and staff must comply with all Federal, Provincial and local laws and regulations regarding weapons, imitation weapons and props, as well as their usage.
  • Attendees are reminded that while travelling to and from the event, to make sure due care is taken on your behalf to ensure any weapons or props, which could cause public alarm, are stored in bag or in a storage container.
  • EVENT HQ attendees are, under no circumstances, allowed to possess or bring to the convention grounds any actual weapons. Unlawful possession of weapons is an offence and will result in denied admission into the convention or prosecution.
  • All weapons and props must be in plain sight at all times and are subject to mandatory inspections performed by EVENT HQ staff or security staff. As a general rule, no metal prop weapons are allowed. Additional rules are outlined below. At the discretion of the EVENT staff, weapons may be peace bonded.
  • Any weapon, prop, or item not covered in this policy must be inspected by security staff at the Prop Check Desk; these items will be dealt with on a case by case basis.
  • Explosives (including firecrackers, caps and fireworks) are prohibited, as well as chemical weapons (including mace and pepper spray).
  1. Prop Check Desk

Attendees who come to any EVENT HQ event with a prop may be stopped by show security and sent to the Prop Check Desk. At the Prop Check Desk, security will inspect that your prop complies with the below EVENT HQ rules and regulations regarding props.

If approved, security will issue a sticker/band/or zip-tie to be placed in a visible area of the prop. If show security does NOT see this sticker/band/or zip-tie on your prop while on the show grounds, you will be asked to leave the convention centre and store your prop or go to the Prop Check Desk.

If not approved, attendees have the option of storing their prop in their car, home, hotel room or check it at the desk. You may return at the end of your visit to pick up your prop. Props and weapons left at the Prop Check Desk past show close on Sunday will be disposed of.

For full rules and regulations regarding props, please see below.

  1. Guns and projectile weapons

At no point will attendees be permitted to carry firearms on convention grounds. Live firearms including functioning airsoft, real firearms (modern, hunting or historic, either functioning or de-commissioned), are not permitted at any EVENT HQ event. Replica firearms made from metal, solid resin/plastic/rubber are not to be brought onto convention grounds.

All other firearms/projectile equipment (non-functioning airsoft guns or non-functioning paintball markers) required for the COSTUME CONTEST must surrender the firearm/projectile equipment to EVENT staff. All MUST be equipped with orange safety tips at all times on convention grounds, however they can be removable for photography or competition purposes as long as they are re-attached. After the COSTUME CONTEST the firearm/projectile equipment must be surrendered once again to the EVENT staff. Only upon leaving the convention will the firearm/projectile equipment be given to the attendee.

NO one is permitted to walk the convention grounds with a realistic gun. See exempt below.

EXEMPT- Exhibitors, vendors and clubs may display and carry airsoft guns or paintball markers on convention grounds. All guns and markers MUST have either an orange tip, a brightly colored barrel plug or a barrel bag on the muzzle. At NO TIME shall airsoft guns or paintball markers be charged/aired or loaded with projectiles. Noncompliance can result is person(s) or group being banned from EVENT.

No props or weapons capable of firing any projectile or powder charge of any kind. This is for the safety of both yourself and the people around you. Nerf guns and other foam dart guns ARE allowed, but they must not have any foam darts loaded at any time.

Bows and slingshots are allowed, however, they must be de-strung. There must be no capacity to fire any object from the bow or slingshot. Arrows and other items used in bows or slingshots are prohibited.

EVENT HQ does not allow ANY laser pointers to be used on the convention grounds. If you have a laser pointer in your prop or weapon, make sure it cannot function by either removing the batteries, or simply not bringing it.

If firearm or projectile props or weapons are deemed unacceptable by EVENT HQ security, attendees will be asked to check it with security while they are on the convention grounds. Refusal to do so will result in being banned from the event without refund and local authorities being contacted.

  1. Swords, blades, knives and other melee weapons

Metal swords, metal knives (no matter what size) and other active martial arts weapons are not allowed to be brought onto any of the convention grounds. Failure to comply will result in being banned from the event without refund and local authorities will be contacted.

If you buy a metal sword, knife or martial arts weapons at the convention, this is covered below in Section 5.

Costume swords must be tied to your costume in such a way that they can’t be drawn.

Blunt weapons such as baseball bats and hockey sticks are prohibited.

At the discretion of EVENT staff, weapons can be peace bonded.

  1. Prop weight and shape restrictions

No items can have sharp points, sharp edges, excessive weight or any other features that could be deemed dangerous to others (E.g. we do not allow metal replica samurai swords, “BB guns/air guns” even if they are not loaded). If the items are not approved during security inspection, they are forbidden on convention grounds. Non-approved items must be securely stored in security Prop Check Desk the attendee’s hotel room, vehicle or home. Failure to comply will result in being escorted off the event premises and banned from the event without refund.

Props with an excessive weight are subject to approval by security at the convention entrances or Prop Check Desks. There is no set weight limit, however, if it is deemed to be too heavy or unsafe, it will be requested that the item is checked at the weapons check desk for the duration of the event.

Please consider how heavy your props are because you’re going to either be carrying them all day, or be forced to check them in at the Prop Check Desk if they are deemed too heavy to be at the event. The prop check desk is NOT a cloak room; it is storage for items which EVENT HQ deems unsuitable to be on the convention floor.

  1. Items purchased while at EVENT HQ

Attendees who purchase imitation or replica weapon such as metal movie swords or knives from the Vendors/Exhibitors Hall must not remove items from their original packaging until they have been secured in their hotel room or vehicle.

To use the purchased item as a prop or costume piece, items must be presented to security staff in their original packaging. If EVENT HQ prop check team approves the item, it may be used in accordance with our props and weapons policy guidelines and of course your best sense of judgment. Again, if the items are not approved, then they are forbidden on convention grounds out of their original packaging. Non-approved items must then be securely stored in the attendee’s hotel room, vehicle or left at the Prop Check Desk until they are leaving the event. Failure to comply will result in being escorted off premises and banned from the event without refund.

  1. Important Legal Stuff

EVENT HQ will not be held legally responsible or liable for any misconduct, damages, injuries or death resulting from the actions of any EVENT HQ attendee. Any inappropriate behavior or misconduct by any attendee will be not be tolerated by EVENT HQ or local authorities. Please use your best judgment and discretion by refraining from swinging weapons around, or using them in intimidating or threatening manner.

If you have any more questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate to email us.


C4 reserves the right to add, update and change policies in accordance with Canadian law, San Diego Comic Con affiliate operations mandates and Manitoba NPO mandates. We appreciate your understanding.