About group autographs and photo ops

Hi fans!

You may have noticed a little change at C4 this year, which includes two different groups you can get group autograph and photo ops pricing for!

First of all here are the groups and the pricing available:

Lost Girl Group (Kris Holden-Ried, Paul Amos, Rick Howland)
Individual Autographs: $30.00
Group Autograph: $70.00
Group Photo Op: $70.00
Group Autograph & Photo Op: $110

The Hobbit Group (Dean O’Gorman, Peter Hambleton, Graham McTavish, Jed Brophy, Adam Brown)
Individual Autographs: $30 – $40 (Dean is $40)
Group Autograph: $120
Group Photo Op: $120
Group Autograph and Photo Op: $180

Why do I want to do the group stuff?

Definitely more bang for your buck. The Hobbit Group regular price is $160 for autographs, $160 for photo ops, or $320 for both. We’re getting you a 25% discount on either the autograph or photo op price, plus this crazy 45% discount if you get both. Same thing on Lost Girl, regular price is $90 for either autographs or photo ops, and $180 if you wanted both. So $110 is a 40% discount.

How can you offer deals like that?

The actors are REALLY REALLY nice this year and they love the fans.

How will the group autograph work?

For both groups you’ll see one guest liaison at a “head” table selling the group, individual, and combined autograph and photo ops. So you purchase it right there, and take the group photo provided. So no you can’t take individual photos of each actor on the group autograph, it’ll be one photo and all of them sign it.

How does the individual autographs work?

The guests will be sitting at the same tables, obviously more than one, so you’ll purchase from the guest liaison, and then move down the line to the guest you’re getting the autograph from. At this time you will get a photo with only the guest you’re seeing in it.

To recap: Group autograph = group photo, individual autograph = individual photo

How does the group photo op work?

Go to the photo op booth and purchase it directly from that booth, then show up 15 minutes early to line up. Photos will be printed and left on two tables outside of the photo op area, available for pick up within 1 or 2 hours.

What if I get the group autograph and photo op?

You have the option in that case, get them guys to sign the group photo with all of them in character, or get your photo op with all of them, wait for it to be printed and have them sign that. You will also get a ticket stating you got both so you can then get one and the other since you will have to wait in two lines for it.

Will there be individual photo ops?

Yes and no. It really will depend on supply and demand. So if a pile of people come up wanting to do an individual photo op with Jed Brophy, by all means we’ll do it, but if there’s no interest, there will be no photo op. We are fairly certain however that for Kris Holden-Ried and Dean O’Gorman there will be individual photo ops. Of course, why do that when you can get the whole group?

When do the group autographs and photo ops go on sale?

RIGHT NOW! We are preselling the group photo ops and group photo ops and autograph sessions, group autographs alone you will need to purchase on site.

I hope this explains things well enough for everyone, any other questions feel free to e-mail us at info@c4con.com.