C4 isn’t just celebrity guests, cosplayers and awesome artists. There will be so much more to see and do! Check out these attractions for more awesome photo ops, fun and entertainment!

Replica Vehicle


This 2017 Western Star 5700 XE has been highly customized to resemble the Optimus Prime truck seen in Transformers 4: Age of Extinction, and mirrors the truck being used in 2017’s Transformers 5. Truly one of a kind, this replica is endorsed by Hasbro, and is the first official fan-built replica to ever appear at conventions!

Replica Vehicle


Winnipegger Rod Warkentin spent two years building this replica of the original Batmobile, ripping apart a 1979 Lincoln Town Car in the process. Almost all the details are there, but unfortunately it doesn’t shoot flames out of the back. Looks great though!

Replica Vehicle
Dusty’s Prop House Presents “Rufus” The Supernatural Impala Replica.
Rufus is a 1967 Chevy Impala, made to look like “Baby” from the TV show ‘Supernatural’,
complete with trunk arsenal!
Wrestling Tournament

CWE is Winnipeg’s premiere sports entertainment provider, showcasing the best independent wrestling throughout Manitoba, Ontario, and Saskatchewan. C4 welcomes CWE’s top wrestlers back to the RBC Convention Centre for live professional wrestling all weekend!

Star Trek Improv Comedy

Holodeck Follies is a fast-paced improvised Star Trek show for Trekkies and non-Trekkies alike. This comedy show is for all ages and encourages full audience interaction – from the initial episode plot suggestion to group scenes and sound effects. Holodeck Follies is currently Canada’s only, and Toronto’s longest running,  improvised Star Trek show. Laugh long and prosper!