Artist Alley

Check below for a list of our featured artists, we also have dozens of local artists and makers taking part as well. Be sure to clear some wall space for those new originals & prints!

Featured Artists


Marvel, DC
Marvel, Warner Bros, DC Comics

Tyler has been a valued illustrator in the entertainment industry since the year 2000. His clients include Marvel Entertainment, Warner Bros Animation, Marvel/Lionsgate, DC Comics, Blizzard, Wizards of the Coast, Paizo’s Pathfinder, IDW, and Dynamite Entertainment, among many others.

His most widely seen work can be found almost anywhere in the form of promotional art for Marvel Studios film projects. He has illustrated iconic images for several Marvel Studios films including: Captain America: Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Civil War, Ant-Man, and Doctor Strange.

He has recently launched a creator-owned, urban fantasy art project called Blood of Dragons.

Zenescope, Coffin Comics

Chris is an award-winning graphic designer and freelance illustrator based out of Northeast Ohio. His professional designs and artwork are featured in graphic novels, illustration magazines, design annuals and advertising publications.

Some of the projects he has worked on include Zenescope Entertainment’s Grimm Fairy Tales, Grimm Tales of Terror, Helsing, Wonderland, Robyn Hood, and Dark Queen; Coffin Comics’ Lady Death; HBO’s Game of Thrones; Funimation’s Ghost in the Shell; UDON Entertainment’s Capcom Fighting Tribute; TOPPS Star Wars Trading Cards; John Paul Reid’s Medford Family Chronicles novel series; Double Take’s Ultimate Night of the Living Dead; Larry Blamire’s Steam Wars; and Aspen Comics’ All New Fathom, Overtaken, and Michael Turner’s Soulfire. Other licenses and professional publishers he has worked for include Lucasfilm, LEGO, Overnight Productions, No Gravity Studios, Laser Lady Publishing, Arizona Publishing, Octopus Park, and Chibi Essence.

DC, Marvel, TOPPS

Writer, editor, color artist, agent, and publisher Renee Witterstaetter began the comics phase of her career working on such titles as Superman at DC Comics, and Silver Surfer, Conan The Barbarian, and Conan Saga at Marvel, then went on to spearhead the reintroduction of She-Hulk at Marvel as well. She then moved over to Topps Comics, where she was the editor on X-Files, Jurassic Park, Xena, and Hercules, and the co-creator—with Jackie Chan and artist Michael Golden—of the popular series Spartan X.

During this time, Renee was also the color artist on hundreds of comics from the Avengers to Spider-Man to Captain America, among many, many more, while writing for The Impossible Man Summer Special, Marvel Age, the Silver Surfer Annuals, and numerous other titles.

Film work was a natural progression for Renee after this storytelling immersion in comics, and she has worked on dozens of music videos for Madonna, Seal, Usher, and other recording artists, as well as working on such feature movies as Police Story III, Drunken Master II, Crime Story, Rush Hour 2, Red Dragon, To Ease the Loss, and Swimming With The Virgin, among others.

She is the author of numerous books, boxing articles, and feature articles, including Dying for Action: The Life and Films of Jackie Chan, from Warner Books, and she contributed to The Fantastic Art from Vanguard Productions and The Art of the Barbarian—Conan, Tarzan and Death Dealer, Volumes One and Two, from Image. She also authored the top-selling Excess: The Art of Michael Golden, which has sold out and gone into a second printing, and the upcoming Tex: The Art of Mark Texeira–The Artist’s Great Escape.

In addition to ongoing film work, she is the president of Little Eva Ink Publishing ( and Little Eva Ink Toys, printing art books, comics, portfolios, and much more under the imprint “Eva Ink.” For the last eight years, Renee has worked in artist management via Eva Ink Artist Group, representing the likes of renowned illustrators Michael Golden, Steve Scott, and Mark Texeira. In addition, she is the co-producer of the popular DVD series, Creator Chronicles, with a focus on comic greats, with shows on George Perez, Joe Jusko, Michael Golden, and Bill Sienkiewicz, and upcoming DVDs on Texeira, Joe Sinnott, Matt Wagner and many more in the works.

In her not so copious leisure time, Renee fishes, salsa dances, and arranges gallery shows in Manhattan and worldwide. She sometimes also signs at comic book conventions.

Marvel, CBS Films, Dark Horse Comics

Calero is an award-winning writer and artist who helped developed “Xmen Noir” for Marvel Comics, as well as having worked on DC and Dark Horse Comics. Calero has also worked on entertainment projects for CBS Films and Weed Road Pictures and famed horror writer Stephen King. He also adapted “The Martian Chronicles” by Ray Bradbury as a graphic novel for Hill & Wang.

His first novel is currently being developed into a film by Lisa Bruce, producer of the Academy Award nominated and Bafta award winning film “Theory of Everything.” He co-wrote a pilot for Universal Cable Productions and the SyFy channel and is currently writing two projects for Dark Horse Comics that he will illustrate.

He was nominated for the Harvey, an industry award recognizing excellence in comics, and has been recognized by the Society of Illustrators.

Marvel, Misfits

Suydam has contributed work to many publications, including Heavy Metal, House of Secrets, House of Mystery, Penthouse Comix, Epic Illustrated and National Lampoon, as well as international sci-fi and comic anthologies. His own projects include Arthur Suydam: The Art of the Barbarian, Skin Deep, The Alien Encounters Poster Book, Visions: The Art of Arthur Suydam, Mudwogs, Mudwogs II, Bedtime Stories for the Incarcerated, Libby in the Lost World and The Adventures of Cholly and Flytrap.

Arthur Suydam’s comic book work includes such titles as Batman, Conan, Tarzan, Predator, Aliens and Death Dealer. Recently, his work has primarily been on covers, including Marvel Zombies, Ghost Rider, Hellstorm, Moon Knight, Wolverine, Marvel Zombies vs. The Army of Darkness, and Raise the Dead.

Suydam also created the box art for the game Touch the Dead, and provided the cover art to the Mickey Spillane (with Max Allan Collins) novel Dead Street. He has also done cover artwork for the horror punk band the Misfits, including their 2009 single “Land of the Dead” and 2011 album The Devil’s Rain.

Artist Extraordinaire

“I had considered how the things that never happen, are often as much realities to us, in their effects, as those that are accomplished.” ― Charles Dickens, David Copperfield

I am told, though I know nothing of the truth of it; but I was told I was born on a Tuesday at two in the afternoon to a poor woman of little schooling and a horde of children. I, being the youngest of many – eleven, I was often left to the way and sow of the family. So in turn, I was born, I grew up. As a child, my reality was pushed away, as dream and fantasy took precedence and stood strong in my endeavors. As the youngest, I was forgotten to say the least – the after thought; the pest to follow up the rear. But in that solitude, while surrounded by my massive family, I found wonderment. Far off lands to run to, battles to take up arms and follow Good King Henry once more unto the breach!

My mind was aflame with the wonders of the world, but not the world you sit in. The world of dreams, nightmares and epic tales of love, loss, and finding the courage to stand at the brink of the darkness and scream into it “I will not go quietly into that good night!!” I was born, I grew up, I became a dreamer, a knight errant, going forth to chase my windmills, and find what dream I would leave behind for the next poor boy born and forgotten.

As I have journeyed through this life, I have touched dreams, other’s dreams. I have had the honor of working on the very works that fed me as a boy. I have, for twenty-four years now, graced pages after pages of print. And I tell you this – it is an honor, no a privilege, to live off your dreams. And to that quest – the dream so many have given me the fuel for, I thank you all. But, I tell you this. Often I am asked and praised for the works I have done, but never asked what I have given to reach that goal. Everything has been sacrificed, night after night of working and struggling, fighting tooth and nail to reach the top. The entire time terrified what would happen once I reached the top of the hill. For when you become what you always have dreamt you wanted to be, you have to be able to keep it.

Zenescope, Arcana

Like most kids at a young age, I doodled with pretty much anything you put in my hand (crayons, markers, pens, pencils, chalk, rock on pavement…). Nothing could have made me happier.

In 1993 I went to my first comic book convention “Chicago Comic-Con”. This was the turning point in my life. I met the man himself…Mr. Stan “THE MAN” Lee! He was so full of energy and talked to everyone who wanted his autograph. When I got up to him, I put down Amazing Spiderman #41 and he signed it along with a Polaroid of him and I. I’ll never forget what he said to me right before I left his table…”Keep pushing true believer, dont give up, it will happen”, all with a smirk on his face and a slight head nod. I never really knew what he meant by that until later that day when I realized I wanted to work in the comic book industry.

Myself and Greg HornAll throughout high school, my work has been published in magazines, businesses, banners, brochures, fliers and schools. In 1998 (just one year after I graduated Warren High School), I was invited back to Warren High School to show the students how to draw the comic book way, or at least the way I do. For 2 weeks I taught the art classes my style. It was a huge success and was invited back to be a guest speaker for the art classes from time to time.

Up to about mid 2005, all I wanted to do is illustrate comics. This was until I found myspace. I posted a few black and white illustrations I drew on my profile and received a few good comments (which was pretty cool). Then I was asked if I had any “colored” work. I didn’t at that time, but I colored one up right away in Photoshop and posted it. I got more comments on my colored work than on my b/w illustrations (that was great)!

Thats when I got my first gig on a comic called Foxwood Falcons (After Hours Press). This was the beginning of my professional career.

Graham Crackers SigningIn 2008, I’ve created something called Sketch Coloring. This is where I take a sketch cover of any comic book and color right on the actual cover with special markers. This is my way of creating a sketch. Since most colorists really don’t sketch “traditionally” (like Jim Lee, Micah Gunnell and so on…) I wanted to come up with my own way to give something to the fans so they can take home and have a “one of a kind”. Sketch Colorings do just that. No two Sketch Colorings are alike (even if I color the same cover 100 times for 100 people). Check out the Sketch Colorings page to see what I’m talking about. It may be easier if you see what I’m saying.

DC, Marvel, Illustrated Media

I did my first professional comics work at the age of thirteen, selling a Legion of Super-Heroes story to DC Comics and going on to write Superboy, The Legion of Super-Heroes, Superman and other titles. In 1978, I accepted the position of Editor in Chief of Marvel Comics under the condition that I would be allowed to improve things for Marvel’s creators. I introduced royalties and a spectrum of other incentives, rights and benefits, attracting a Who’s Who of talent. Later, I founded VALIANT, DEFIANT and Broadway Comics and was the principal creator of their characters and universes. Today, I’m the Editor in Chief of Illustrated Media, a custom comics company.

Marvel, DC
Spray Paint Artist


Nathan is one of the best professional spray paint artists in Canada. Using only spray paint, magazine paper and a few household items, he can create a beautiful piece of artwork on demand in three minutes or less. Originally from New Brunswick, Nathan travels across the country performing and painting at over 100 shows per year.


Konstantin Komardin is an award-winning Russian sequential artist, graphic artist and animator currently living in Moscow. This is one of his first appearances in North America, providing a rare opportunity to see some amazing originals never before offered in Canada.  Konstantin was born in Ekaterinburg, where he fell in love with sequential art as a child, and went on to attend the Academy of Book Design. And has worked with numerous publishing houses on book covers and interior illustrations, while also working with anthology magazines in the role of graphic artist.

Some of his published work includes the BD magazines “Veles,” “Hacker,” “Max Cooler,” “Moulin Rouge,” “Timof” which published his story “Siberian Dreams,”  and the renowned comics “Agent Z,” “Sit-o-city,” “Gate of Alice,” and  “Mechanics of Senses.”  Other works include the upcoming Judge Dredd project, and the Russian/Polish project “City Stories.” Konstantin was awarded the Grand Prize for “The Site of Polis” at the Moscow Comics Festival in 2003.

A talented illustrator for print, Konstantin is also an award-winning animator as mentioned. His works include the concept designs on “Elka,” “Man with the Wind in his Head” which appeared in the Suzdal Film Festival in 2008, “Tram,” “Spindel” which was honored at the Moscow Short Film Festival in 2010, and “The Man in Penze Nez,” which screened at both the Suzdal Film Festival and the Moscow International Film Festival in 2010.