Volunteer With River City Conventions!

Volunteering for River City Conventions is a great way to give back to the community, meet new & interesting nerdy friends, and be a part of the largest comic convention in central Canada! We would be nothing without our volunteers, and you can help our shows be even bigger and better for years to come!


For all volunteer applications, email us at “info@c4con.com



When: April 14th and 15th
Where: RBC Convention Centre
Various shifts are available


When: October 26th, 27th, 28th
Where: RBC Convention Centre
Various shifts are available



Join one of our dynamic teams, build your skills, enhance your resume, and help out a community of amazing fans! If you’re qualified for a specific team, let us know! (Teams are only applicable to C4, for MBCC and other small shows all volunteers will be General)

General Volunteer: wrist-banding or stamping attendees, “goforing” (go for this, go for that), badging at the doors, handing out bottled water (gotta keep everyone hydrated!), assisting with line control, or helping out at various artist, exhibitor and con booths for breaks. Most of what we have our General Volunteers do is very simple and easy to do.

Registration Team: Responsibilities include checking in and providing information and directions to exhibitors and attendees. If you have previous administrative assistant experience, hospitality and tourism experience, and you thrive in fast paced environments serving thousands of fans, let us know!

Merch Team: Responsibilities include selling to attendees, managing inventory, set up, tear down, cash handling. If you have previous sales experience, are outgoing and personable, we’d love to have you join this team!

Set Up & Tear Down Team: Responsibilities include measuring our exhibitor spaces, setting up tables, chairs, pipe & drape, managing load in and load out for exhibitor vehicles on a loading dock, helping exhibitors bring pallets to their booths. If you have previous warehouse, carpentry, contractor, or shipping and receiving experience this team is for you!

Guest Liaison Team: Responsibilities include providing transportation, cash handling, and being a Winnipeg ambassador to delegates attending events. Also included, oversee hospitality room, and programming events. If you have a class 5 driver’s license, access to a presentable vehicle, and have previous experience in hospitality and tourism, banquets, serving, bar tending, or event management, this team is for you! You must meet us for an interview to be considered for this role.

Public Relations Team: Responsibilities include meeting with local press on site to talk to highlight attractions and interesting things happening at our events. Bilingual in English and French required.



How can I volunteer for one of your conventions?
Are you passionate about nerd/geek culture? Do you love attending cons and want to take your experience to the next level? Simply e-mail us at info@c4con.com or volunteers@c4con.com and join the C4 Team!

What kinds of things can I volunteer for?
We have plenty of events and opportunities for you to volunteer: the Central Canada Comic Con on Halloween weekend, the Manitoba Comic Con in Spring, and other various events!

What will I be doing as a volunteer?
Our volunteers are often wrist-banding or stamping attendees, “goforing” (go for this, go for that), badging at the doors, handing out bottled water (gotta keep everyone hydrated!), assisting with line control, or helping out at various artist, exhibitor and con booths for breaks. Most of what we have our volunteers do is very simple and easy to do. For the larger show, volunteers are broken up into teams with specific duties that are listed above, which you will be trained on beforehand in one of our orientation nights.

What do I get in return for volunteering?
First and foremost, you will earn free admission to all C4 events for which you volunteer. We split our days into shifts so you’re never volunteering the entire day (unless you want to!) and either before or after your shift you can check out the con. We also have a ton of swag (comics, art prints, toys, merchandise, etc…) donated by our awesome vendors and artists that we give to our volunteers as volunteer prizes.

General Volunteers: 5 points per hour + Admission on the day you volunteer
Line Control Volunteers: 5 points per hour + Admission on the day you volunteer
Set Up / Tear Down Volunteers: Weekend Pass
Registration Volunteers: 10 points per hour + Weekend Pass

What if I only volunteer on one day but want to attend the whole weekend?
You can buy a full weekend pass from the volunteer coordinator for $30.00 as long as you’re volunteering at least one full shift on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. If you volunteer on Thursday you will receive a COMP pass to attend on Friday or Sunday.

What are the hours I will be working?
Shifts are always scheduled in 5-hour blocks. Specific hours are given closer to each show and you can request which hours you’d prefer. We will email out a FAQ newsletter with all shift information.

Where do I go to check in for my shift?
Shift check-in varies for each event. For C4 You will use the ORANGE elevator located at the RBC Convention Centre at the corner of St. Mary Ave. and Edmonton St. Go to the THIRD FLOOR, and this is where you will find the volunteer check-in desk. You will use this elevator for all of your shifts. Check-in for MBCC and other small shows is included in our FAQ email.

Will attendees ask me questions about the show?
YES! You’ll be asked a lot of questions, so we suggest you familiarize yourself with the general info like hours of operation, which guests are coming, where everything is, etc. You will be given a notepad and pen to write down questions, plus a bookmark with the programming schedule and directions on it to carry around with you at the show as a cheat sheet. Don’t worry about memorizing too much, you just need to know the basics!

Can I wear a costume or will I have to wear something special?
You can wear a modest costume but please note we have volunteer vests we have our volunteers wear every year. They come in two sizes, are zip up, and will be worn over any costume you choose to wear that day.

Will I have anything else to identify me as a volunteer?
Yes! You’ll also have a lanyard with your name and shifts on it.. Directors and Leaders will be initialing your volunteer badge throughout the weekend as well as we move you from station to station.

Can I volunteer with my friends?
We love it when friends, parents and kids, and couples volunteer at C4! Because we’re such a huge event however, there are times when we may split you up. It all depends on where we need more people.

How many people per shift do you need to make C4 as awesome as it can be?
Right now we’re looking at 35 people per shift. We will let you know if we fill up and if we need more people. For MBCC we need between 5-10 people per shift!

Can I be dismissed as a volunteer?
Unfortunately, while we want to work with everyone for a great con experience, sometimes that doesn’t always happen. You may be asked to cut your shift early if all our bases are covered, or for other reasons like attitude or behavior. We don’t like having to dismiss volunteers, so it’s very rare that this actually happens.

Is there an age restriction?
We allow people 14 years and up to volunteer at C4. If you’re under 18 we have a Parental Consent Form we ask your parents to fill out so we have their information on file as well. For our underage volunteers we do ask that parents drop them off and pick them up from the venue. We are very likely to make sure our underage volunteers do not go off site unless it’s with a parent or guardian.

Can I use my volunteer hours for school credits?
ABSOLUTELY! Bring us all the paperwork and we will sign off on your hours for school credits!

What happens if I get injured? Is there Worker’s Compensation?
No. You will be asked to sign a waiver when you arrive that states that you know you’re a volunteer and cannot claim Worker’s Compensation Benefits. If you are injured on site we will have paramedics on site to assist.

What if I have other questions?
Send them to info@c4con.com and we’ll do our best to answer you in a timely fashion.