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“I had considered how the things that never happen, are often as much realities to us, in their effects, as those that are accomplished.” ― Charles Dickens, David Copperfield

I am told, though I know nothing of the truth of it; but I was told I was born on a Tuesday at two in the afternoon to a poor woman of little schooling and a horde of children. I, being the youngest of many – eleven, I was often left to the way and sow of the family. So in turn, I was born, I grew up. As a child, my reality was pushed away, as dream and fantasy took precedence and stood strong in my endeavors. As the youngest, I was forgotten to say the least – the after thought; the pest to follow up the rear. But in that solitude, while surrounded by my massive family, I found wonderment. Far off lands to run to, battles to take up arms and follow Good King Henry once more unto the breach!

My mind was aflame with the wonders of the world, but not the world you sit in. The world of dreams, nightmares and epic tales of love, loss, and finding the courage to stand at the brink of the darkness and scream into it “I will not go quietly into that good night!!” I was born, I grew up, I became a dreamer, a knight errant, going forth to chase my windmills, and find what dream I would leave behind for the next poor boy born and forgotten.

As I have journeyed through this life, I have touched dreams, other’s dreams. I have had the honor of working on the very works that fed me as a boy. I have, for twenty-four years now, graced pages after pages of print. And I tell you this – it is an honor, no a privilege, to live off your dreams. And to that quest – the dream so many have given me the fuel for, I thank you all. But, I tell you this. Often I am asked and praised for the works I have done, but never asked what I have given to reach that goal. Everything has been sacrificed, night after night of working and struggling, fighting tooth and nail to reach the top. The entire time terrified what would happen once I reached the top of the hill. For when you become what you always have dreamt you wanted to be, you have to be able to keep it.