The New C4 Girl!

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ATTN ARTISTS! We want a new C4 Girl!

Hi Artists! C4 is proud to bring back the C4 Girl art contest! What we need from you is the C4…

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Brand New C4 Site!

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Costume Contests


General Rules

  • Masquerade & Masters include all Professional / Elite costume entries and group / individual skits. Performance and detail is what we look for in these categories.
  • The C4 Annual Costume Contest will be divided by categories. These categories  include Novice, Intermediate and Journeyman. For those wishing not to be judged will be placed in the Exhibition division.
  • C4 Kids Costume Contest: All kids will be given a goodie bag with a toy, comic book and some candy! 1st place will be awarded a trophy, 2nd and 3rd place will be given a medal.
  • Premade purchased costumes will be deducted points by judges. (ie. Factory made costumes)
  • Awards will be given to the best costume in the judged categories.
  • Contestants who will be judged under these criteria: DETAIL, AUTHENTICITY/ORIGINALITY, CRAFTSMANSHIP, and PRESENTATION
  • Entrants under the age of 13 are automatically enrolled in the Kids Costume Contest and will require the presence of parent or guardian.
  • DUE to constricted space and time regiments, we will only allow up to 150 entrants in the C4 Annual Costume Contest.


Past Contest Winners

Our previous Miss C4 winners have been:

2009 – Alicia May as Zatana (DC Comics)
2010 - Kristina Friesen / Sarah Friesen as Twi’lek Jedi and Twi’lek Sith (Star Wars)
2011 – Jade (Mortal Kombat)
2012 – 
2013 – 

Weapons Policy

All costumes must comply with our weapons policy. Visit the Con Policies to read more.




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