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ATTN ARTISTS! We want a new C4 Girl!

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Exhibitor Registration

Register as an exhibitor at this year’s convention to sell your wares or promote your business.

All our Exhibitor Space is customizable to your needs, please contact us at

We have floor plans available on our Floor Plan page.

Our Exhibitor Booths Include:
10 x 10 = 100sq. ft.
One 8ft. x 2.5ft. table
Pipe and Drape surrounding your booth
Booths are situated along the walls, but you may not attach anything to the walls.
*No skirting, tablecloths

Our Exhibitor Tables Include:
1 Table = 8ft. x 7ft. = 56sq. ft.
2 Tables = 9ft. x 9ft. = 81sq. ft.
4 Tables = 18ft. x 9ft. = 162sq. ft.
8 Tables = 18ft. x 18ft. = 324sq. ft.
10 Tables = 18ft. x 27ft. = 486sq. ft.
12 Tables = 18ft. x 39ft. = 648sq. ft.
14 Tables = 18ft. x 45ft. = 810sq. ft.
18 Tables = 18ft. x 63ft. = 1134sq. ft.

*All tables are 8ft. x 2.5ft.
*No skirting, tablecloths, pipe and drape, or walls

Our Exhibitor Space Includes:
9ft. x 9ft. = 81sq. ft.
18ft. x 9ft. = 162sq. ft.

*No tables, table clothes, skirting, pipe and drape
*This option is strictly for space on the floor, it will be marked by tape.

Our Exhibitor Badge Allotments for 2014:

  • 1 to 2 Tables = 2 Weekend Passes / 6 One Day Stamps
  • 3 to 4 Tables = 3 Weekend Passes / 9 One Day Stamps
  • 4 to 8 Tables = 4 Weekend Passes / 12 One Day Stamps
  • 8 + Tables = 5 Weekend Passes / 15 One Day Stamps
  • 1 to 2 Booths = 3 Weekend Passes / 9 One Day Stamps
  • 3 to 4 Booths = 4 Weekend Passes / 12 One Day Stamps


Please download the Exhibitor Registration form to register for the 2014 Central Canada Comic Con and mail it in.


If you require electrical service, fill out the following form in advance and submit it with payment.




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