Behind the C4: Floor Plans

Hi fans! Welcome to another edition of Behind the C4, where we talk about what it takes to run an event that’s as big and awesome as C4! This month’s topic is Floor Plans and I’m here to give you a bit of an outline as to what goes into […]

Bomber Games FAQ

C4 has partnered with the Blue Bombers to help them with PARK N RIDE! We need 15 – 20 volunteers per game to come out! You get to attend the game for free once your shift is over! Upcoming Events: WHEN: Friday, September 25th  TIME TO BE THERE: 5:00PM WHERE […]

Behind the C4: GUESTS 1

Hi fans! Welcome to our brand new blog series: Behind the C4! We hope to be able to give you some insight into what exactly goes into running your friendly neighborhood Central Canada Comic Con. Today’s topic: GUESTS You’ve probably caught yourself wondering how we managed to bring guests like […]