Exhibitor FAQ

How many passes do I get as an exhibitor?

  • 1 to 2 Tables = 2 Weekend Passes / 6 One Day Stamps
  • 3 to 4 Tables = 3 Weekend Passes / 9 One Day Stamps
  • 4 to 8 Tables = 4 Weekend Passes / 12 One Day Stamps
  • 8 + Tables = 5 Weekend Passes / 15 One Day Stamps
  • 1 to 2 Booths = 3 Weekend Passes / 9 One Day Stamps
  • 3 to 4 Booths = 4 Weekend Passes / 12 One Day Stamps

Extras can be purchased at the back door for $20. Extra tables will be available for $25/table. Extra chairs are available at $5/chair.

I’m a non-profit community club. Do I need to buy an exhibitor table?
You may not need to pay for a table, depending on your status as a community club. Contact us for more information.

What does my booth include?
One 8ft. x 30in. table, no tablecloth, or skirting. Pipe and drape will surround your booth, and you will have approx. 100 sq. ft. of space.

What does my 9 x 9 booth include?
One 8ft. x 30in. table, no tablecloth or skirting, no pipe and drape. If you have only one 9 x 9 booth, you will have the space on your table, plus space underneath plus approx. 6ft. behind you which can be used to set up shelving units or other displays as necessary. This is a neighbor situation, so you will have exhibitors next to you and behind you.

What does my 10 x 10 booth include?
One 8ft. x 30in. table, pipe and drape, no tablecloth or skirting. It is the equivalent to 100sq. ft. of space. You can set up shelving units or other displays as necessary.

Where is my booth/table? Where can I see the floor plan?
Check the onsite map page for downloadable PDFs of the floor plans for both floors of the Winnipeg Convention Centre. You should have received information regarding your table location from our organizers via email.

Does my booth/table include power?
No. Power is extra and can be bought through the RBC Convention Centre on Friday only. You can fill out this form in advance.

What time does Registration open?
7AM Thursday until 11PM and 7AM Friday until the end of time. In other words, someone is always at registration for you. Please note however that Violet and Holly are only at Registration on Thursday and Friday morning until 11AM. Anything you need during show hours can be directed to Shawn and Piper.

What happens during Registration?
When you arrive at the Convention Centre, it is advised that you come up to the 3rd floor using the ORANGE elevator on the corner on Edmonton and St. Mary Ave. This is the ONLY elevator that will have access to the 3rd floor, and will get you to our registration team. They will show you where your tables are, get you your exhibitor passes and give you any pertinent information that you need.

When can I ship my stuff to the convention centre?
The Convention Centre is under construction and does not have a lot of storage space. Our ingress on the Third Floor begins on Thursday morning at 8AM, and your shipments can begin showing up that day. Please do not wrap double pallets that need to be transported by forklift. C4 owns two pallet jacks we will use to bring your merchandise to your booth.

What address do I ship my stuff to?
You can ship your pallets or boxes to:
RBC Convention Centre
375 York Ave.
Winnipeg, MB.
R3C 3J3

What about set up and tear down?
Set up takes place Thursday at 8AM if you do not need anything but space, and continues until Thursday at Midnight. We begin again on Friday at 6am! You are required to drive up the ramp located on Edmonton St. and park in one of the seven stalls in the loading dock. You will be given a time to come up the ramp. If you are early for your time you will need to wait. Once you have unloaded your items and taken them to your tables you need to move your vehicle. You can park in the parkade across the street or the underground parkade of the convention centre. If you want to use the lower loading dock on the corner of Edmonton and St. Mary you can, and use the freight elevator. We will not have anyone manning the area downstairs, but someone will be at the freight elevator.

What if I need to use a broker?
We recommend using Mendelssohn Logistics for all your broker needs.

Where can I park?
Parking is available at the RBC Convention Centre parkade for $16.00/day, no in and out access. You can also park in the parkade at the corner of York and Carleton, the Best Western Parkade, the Parkade across the street from the Best Western, the Parkades down Hargrave before the MTS Centre and Tavern United, the parkade at Edmonton and St. Mary Ave. or the Parkades at the Forks. Unfortunately due to construction there is a shortage of parking in Winnipeg. Any larger trucks, trailers, etc. should be parked at the Forks. C4 will not have parking passes available this year. There are no Jets or Bombers games happening C4 weekend.

Can I choose my booth / table location?
Generally speaking no. Exhibitors who have booked blocks or more than 5 booths can choose their location. If you’ve booked less you can give us your preferred location and we’ll do our best to get you where you’d like to be located. We do have an interactive floor plan but because some exhibitors book a lot of space, it’s always in flux and we’re unable to let everyone pick their own spot.

I am a large vendor and have multiple staff members I would like to have on hand throughout the convention. However some may not be there all days. How can I make this work?
We’ve come up with a great solution for this! Instead of swapping off wristbands and going through all that hassle with registration; you can now turn in your extra wristbands for daily stamps. So, if one helper can be there on Saturday and a different one will be there Sunday – they each just come to registration and get a stamp for the day!

Is there security?
Yes, Downtown Watch, Northwest Law, Winnipeg Police Cadets and Convention Centre Security will be onsite. Please note there is no security for your individual booth, you are responsible for your own items. Lost or stolen items are not the responsibility of C4 – Central Canada Comic Con.

Can I exchange my currency onsite?
Yes, The Bank Machine will be onsite at C4. Simply see Registration by the Orange elevator and we’ll let the onsite rep know that you’d like to use their services.

What about Safe Trick or Treat?
You are responsible for bringing candy and a bucket to participate in this event for kids. If you don’t have candy we will have candy available at Registration for $10/bag. There will be 100 pieces in each bag.

What if you’re sold out?
We will put you on a waiting list, and should any of the exhibitors cancel, we will inform you of the space that has opened up. We do not hold tables after September 1st.

What if I want to register for next year?
Registration forms for 2015 are here:
Winnipeg Comic & Toy Expo Feb 22nd

Wonderland Festival April 18 & 19

Winnipeg Comic & Toy Expo Sept 20th

Central Canada Comic Con Oct 31 – Nov 1




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