Attendee FAQ

ABOUT C4 2017

What are the dates and times for C4 2017?
C4 runs at the end of October / beginning of November. Please see our 2018 Shows page for the most up-to-date dates and times!

Where is the event being held?
At the RBC Convention Centre, 375 York Ave. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Where can I buy my tickets?
You can get tickets through TicketWeb and onsite through the RBC Box Office.

Can I get tickets at the door?
Yes! RBC has a box office on site at RBC Convention Centre.

Is there an additional cost if I purchase tickets at the door?
Yes. You’ll save money if you buy in advance. You’ll also save money if you purchase multi-day passes or youth (ages 13-16) passes.


It’s my first time and I want to buy tickets at RBC Convention Centre, what can I expect?

RBC has a box office in the NORTH BUILDING on the MAIN FLOOR, on the side of the building that lines up with EDMONTON St. You can expect lines to be long, you might have to wait outside for part of that time. Wait times to purchase tickets on site range from one to two minutes up to forty five to fifty minutes depending on when you arrive. For instance, if you’re arriving at Noon on Saturday and attempting to purchase tickets on site, expect approx. 2000 – 4000 other people to be in line to also purchase tickets. Yes, we said 2000 – 4000 other people at noon on Saturday. Friday and Sunday is lesser but you can still expect 500 – 1000 people in line at any given time coming to purchase tickets on site.

If you’re not keen on waiting in line, beginning Saturday, October 21st, RBC onsite box office is open during the following hours:
Saturday, October 21st – 10am – 6pm
Sunday, October 22nd – 12pm – 6pm
Monday, October 23rd – 12pm – 8pm
Tuesday, October 24th – 12pm – 8pm
Wednesday, October 25th – 10am – 8pm
Thursday, October 26th – 10am – 8pm
Friday, October 27th – 12pm – 9pm (we close at 9pm, but the box office can sell tix for Sat/Sun)
Saturday, October 28th – 8am – 7pm
Sunday, October 29th – 10am – 4:30pm

They will accept cash,credit and debit

I purchased in advance but I selected WILL CALL, what am I doing?

RBC Box Office will have a separate line for WILL CALL, you will visit that booth to pick up your pre-purchased tickets like the pros you are. The wait for this booth varies.

Okay so I had to wait in line to buy tickets or get my will call tickets, now I have my ticket, what do I do?

You’re heading to the SECOND FLOOR of the NORTH BUILDING where you will be ushered into another line up which might snake outside (especially if it’s Saturday afternoon when there will be approx 4,000 – 6,000 people in that line) you will see a booth that says “ONE DAY / TWO DAY PASSHOLDERS” and you will be wristbanded and put into queue around the RBC’s Food Court on the second floor. At the end of this line you will give your ticket to the RBC Staff member and you’re home free and able to roam around the con! Huzzah! You’ve made it into C4!

Okay but what’s the approximate wait time on that SECOND line?

We’ve been working on this for the past number of years, and we’ve managed to clear this line in 7 minutes in the past. Last year wait times varied between 7 minutes and 45 minutes depending on the time of day and how many other attendees were in line. Again, if you’re going to be at C4 on Saturday from Noon to 3PM, you can expect this line to be very busy, and the wait time to be longer.

Can I avoid waiting outside? 

Yes, if you’re a super awesome ninja that comes early and beats the bigger crowds. Times to do this would be anytime on Friday or Sunday, and earlier or later in the day on Saturday.

Are you working to improve line control?

Always, we listen to your feedback and we coordinate with the RBC Convention Centre reps, local fire and building inspectors to make this as easy a process as possible for our attendees. Please understand that RBC Convention Centre does have union workers, and therefore we have standards we have to work with regarding these parameters. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you.

I bought an Annual Pass or Weekend Pass, what’s my line control nightmare looking like?

No nightmares for you, once you have your Ticketweb Receipt (which you printed off at home right?), you can head to the SECOND FLOOR, on the RIGHT HAND SIDE, or the EAST GATE, you will see a booth titled “ANNUAL / WEEKEND PASSES” you will get all your cool Annual Pass Stuff or your Weekend Wristband and you’ll wait in a shorter line. You will be admitted through the EAST GATE entrance once the doors open. (All ONE DAY/TWO DAY Ticket holders will be going through the WEST GATES)

What about kids under 12? 

All kids need to have a KIDS COUPON, which is available everywhere around Winnipeg, on site, and on our website to print. Kids Under 12 need to hand their coupon to the RBC Ticket takers to gain entry. C4 will not be wristbanding or stamping children under 12, and we expect them to be accompanied by an adult at all times while at C4.

What if some people in my party purchased Annual/Weekend Passes and the rest of us purchased One Day / Two Day Passes?

Unfortunately, your group will be split up based on the tickets you’ve purchased. We have to organize the mass chaos somehow, this is the best system we’ve devised to help every attendee get into the show in a reasonable fashion. We apologize for the inconvenience, but make sure your party has a meet up location once you’re inside the show.

What about wheelchair accessibility or strollers? 

Once you’ve got your tickets on the MAIN FLOOR, you will be able to use either the Blue or Yellow elevators to gain access to the second floor. For ANNUAL / WEEKEND PASSHOLDERS you will wait in line and then use the BLUE elevator for access once you’ve passed the ticket takers. For ONE DAY/TWO DAY PASSHOLDERS, you will still wait in line on the second floor, but once you’ve passed the ticket takers you will use the YELLOW Elevator to gain access to the third floor.

What if I have questions when I’m there?

If you have questions on site, please find anyone in a REFEREE shirt, or report to the INFO BOOTH to get directions. We will also have a number of C4 Volunteers in Red Vests with big signs to help you with directions.



What do people do at C4?
Our attendees come to C4 to shop! There’s over 250 Exhibitions to see at C4, selling everything from geek merchandise, to artwork, collectibles, t-shirts, swords, gaming products, movie memorabilia, toys, comic books, anime, manga, plushies, jewelry, leatherwork, and so much more!

Our attendees also come to see celebrities in Guest Alley. They come to see the creators of their favorite comic books in Artist Alley, they come to see their favorite costumers in Cosplay Alley. They come for the Lightsaber Duels, Bellydancing, and Quidditch in the Arena. They come for the costume contest, the Zombie Guantlet, and the replica cars on display. They come for the PC gaming, Console Gaming, Warhammer, and Magic the Gathering tournaments. They come for the wrestlers and the live wrestling.

What age group is the show best suited for?
This is an all ages event. From 5 to 85, everyone finds something cool at the show. Please note, C4 is a Family Friendly Zone. 


What about programming?
We have two rooms that seat about 300 people as well as a 3500 sq. ft. Arena on the third floor. We run celebrity guest Q&A sessions, workshops, panels, and costume contests in these rooms. The full programming schedule will be posted closer to the con dates. The schedule will also be posted on site by the Info Booth on the second floor.

Do I have to pay extra for programming?
All Q&A sessions, workshops and panels at C4 are FREE to attend, but space is very limited! If you want to guarantee your seat at any of our programming events, we are offering two types of Advance Seating passes that will not only guarantee your seat, but get you into the programming event before anyone else! Choose between a single-use pass or an unlimited pass. These can be purchased on site and picked up at the INFO BOOTH in the North (Old) Building on the Second Floor.


What about after hours stuff? Do you organize any after parties or receptions?
Yes! We have two After Parties that are $20.00 each to attend. This year we have partnered with the Radisson Hotel to bring you a couple of awesome parties on Friday and Saturday night of C4. The Tommy Castillo Memorial event on Friday runs from 8pm – 1am respectively. They are 18+, cash bar, cosplay encouraged, and a place you can dance with your friends! On Saturday night we are hosting the All Canadian Meet and Greet featuring John Rhys Davies, also from 8pm-1am.



How do I meet the guests? Where are they located?
At C4, the guests appear in Guest Alley, Artist Alley or Cosplay Alley. Guests are at C4 for majority of the days they are appearing, and you can really just walk up and say hello to your favorite guest. It’s very simple!

What time will the guests be at C4?
Most guests are appearing all three days unless otherwise noted in their guest bio. We will post a Guest Schedule closer to the event to let you know who will be there on what days. The hours for Guest Alley are: Friday 5pm – 8pm, Saturday 10am – 6pm, Sunday 11am – 4pm. Guests do appear outside of these hours as well but this is when you can expect to see them.
Tentative Guest Schedule:

*Please note, guests also take breaks for lunch and photo ops.

What can I get signed?
All the guests bring 8×10 photos of themselves in their various roles for purchase. You can choose to have those signed or you can bring an item of your own to be signed. Please note that items you bring to have signed are at the discretion of the guest, and should the item be of an inappropriate nature, the guest and their agent has the right to refuse the signature and instead provide you with an 8×10 signed photo.

How much does it cost to get something signed?
That varies depending on the guest, but you can expect to pay between $30 – $80 for an autograph.

Can I take pictures of the guest?
We do not allow any photos to be taken in Guest Alley, even candid shots from 50ft away are prohibited at C4. If you’d like to get your photo taken with a guest, C4 Photographers will be on site providing professional 8×10 photos printed within a few hours. Some guests will do selfies at their tables, but that’s up to the discretion of the Guest and their agent.


Is there a cost for having pictures taken with guests?
Yes! Prices are subject to change, all guest photo-ops will be listed in the most recent Shows/Events page.

How much does it cost to get a photo with a guest?

Between $20 – $80 depending on the guest.

How many people can be in the photo with a guest?
Usually there is a maximum of two people per photo, but we sometimes bend the rules for families. Groups will have to talk to Froggy directly for pricing.

Can I just take a selfie with the Guest at the table?
Some guests and their agents will allow it and some will not. You will need to make this request on site.

Do I get the photo at the con? Can I get a digital copy e-mailed to me?
You can pick up a professionally printed 8×10 from at the con. Digital prints cost extra and will be e-mailed to you within 5 days after the event.

Where can I purchase photo op tickets?
You can purchase them on site from the Froggy Photos booth in cash only. You can also purchase online through eventbrite, be sure to print your eventbrite receipt and bring it with you to the show. We will have the presale for photo ops available in July.

What days will the photo ops happen?
All three days of the con you’ll have at least one or two opportunities to get your picture taken with the guest. This schedule won’t be posted until October, but it will be available both on our website and on site at the photo ops booths.


What is the Annual Pass?
The C4 Annual Pass is a yearly pass that gets the attendee into all C4 organized events throughout the year, plus cool perks at the big C4 Comic Con each year.

When is the Annual Pass Good Until?
The Annual Pass always runs from October – October. This year the Pass is good from October 2017 – October 2018.

What is the price of the Annual Pass?
The Supporter Annual Pass is $75.00, the Deluxe Annual Pass is $125. VIP is $200, GOLD is $500.

Can the passes be purchased online?
Yes, all types of passes can be purchased online, Supporter, Deluxe, VIP, Gold, plus Advanced Seating One Use and Unlimited Use Passes, After Party Tickets, and Industry Night or Guest Alley Reception Tickets.

Can all these passes be purchased onsite at C4?
Unfortunately, all the Annual Passes (Supporter, Deluxe, VIP, & Gold) have to be purchased by October 24th, 2017. After that One Day, Two Day and Weekend Passes are available through Ticketmaster, and yes they are available at the door through the box office at RBC Convention Centre.

What about the other tickets? Can those be purchased onsite at C4?
YES! The Advanced Seating One Use and Unlimited Use Passes, After Party Tickets, and Industry Night tickets can be purchased on site at our Info Booth in the North (Old) Building on the second floor of the RBC Convention Centre.

Where do I go on the day of the event to exchange my Annual Pass Ticket?
You’ll go to the Annual Pass Booth located in the South (New) Building on the second floor of the RBC Convention Centre in the East Lobby (Carleton Street side) You’ll get your lanyard, wristband, Annual Pass Card, and Shwag Bag (if applicable)