Artist FAQ

What should I bring to the convention?
While it varies from artist to artist, it’s a good idea to have paper and pencils on hand for taking down information. It’s a very good idea to have business cards with your contact information on it. You don’t have to place these on your table directly if you choose not to, but have them available to hand out for commissions or interested fans.

What does my table include?
You will get either an 8ft. or 6ft. table, plus approx. 3.5 – 4ft. behind you for any displays you have brought. Yes, Artist Alley is cramped, and there’s no pipe and drape, so mind your neighbors.

How many passes do I get with my table?
• 1 to 2 Tables = 2 Passes
• 3 to 4 Tables = 3 Passes
• 4 to 8 Tables = 4 Passes
• 8 + Tables = 5 Passes

Where is my table? Where can I see the floor plan?
Your table number is located on our interactive floor plan. You can view it by clicking this link:

When am I able to set up my table?
Artist Registration begins at 7AM Friday, October 31st and is located on the second floor by the Freight elevator. Registration opens again at 8AM Saturday and 9AM Sunday for restocking.

Can I come set up on Thursday night?
No. There’s another event in the building and we will not be able to measure out and set up tables until 8PM. You are welcomed to join us however!

Where is registration?
Registration will be located on the second floor near the Orange (Square) elevator at the corner of St. Mary Ave. and Edmonton Street. You will meet Elaine there, at the double doors leading to the freight elevator and Halls 2E-2H. You will get your table number, wristbands for all people in attendance at that time and will proceed to your table.

What if I just want to show up on Saturday or Sunday?
If YOU ARE NOT IN THE BUILDING AND AT YOUR TABLE BY 1PM ON FRIDAY WE WILL ALLOT YOUR TABLE TO THE PEOPLE ON THE WAITING LIST. NO EXCEPTIONS AND NO REFUNDS. So just be there . . . we don’t want to have to do this, but it’s rude to the fans, our staff, and your fellow artists if you decide you want to show up whenever. There are plenty of other artists who will gladly use the space.

Can we leave our stuff overnight?
Yes. You don’t have to pack up and set up again and again each day. The doors lock, there’s overnight security and your stuff will be safe.

What if I need the loading dock or elevator?
DO NOT USE THE PEOPLE ELEVATORS! The Freight Elevator is your friend! You can access it from the Main Floor Loading Dock (we will not have a schedule for this loading dock, come when you want) or from the Third Floor Loading Dock (you need to ask us for a special time for this dock.)

What about the second floor loading dock?
You mean the invisible one? Unfortunately there is no second floor loading dock. Your option is main floor plus freight elevator or third floor plus freight elevator. Or you can do your best with the stairs and escalators.

What if not everyone helping me at my table over the weekend is there during set up?
Leave their names with Elaine, and pay for their wristbands at that time if necessary. Additional wristbands are $20.00 each.

What if I don’t like my table location?
Unfortunately due to space constraints and being courteous to other artists at C4, you cannot switch your table location on the day of the show. If you don’t like your table location you can send a request to before the show to have your table placement changed, if possible.

Where can I park?
Parking is available at the RBC Convention Centre parkade for $16.00/day, no in and out access. You can also park in the parkade at the corner of York and Carleton, the Best Western Parkade, the Parkade across the street from the Best Western, the Parkades down Hargrave at St. Mary Ave. before the MTS Centre and Tavern United, the parkade at Edmonton and St. Mary Ave. or the Parkades at the Forks. Unfortunately due to construction there is a shortage of parking in Winnipeg. Any larger trucks, trailers, etc. should be parked at the Forks. C4 will not have parking passes available this year.

Can I eat at my table?
Yes, but please clean up after yourself. If you’re leaving the building to acquire food stuffs, please use the entrance by the Freight elevator when you return. Do not try to go through the attendee lines.

Can I get internet access or an electrical outlet for my table?
Internet access and power are available from the convention center at an additional fee. You can purchase it on site at the booth on the third floor or you can fill out this form and order it in advance.

How high can my banner stands go?

The ceiling height is 12.5 feet. For interior tables we suggest no higher than 8ft. For wall tables we suggest no higher than 10ft.

What does my table payment go toward?
Your table payment primarily pays for the table and chair rental from the convention centre, as well as the cost of signage and wristbands.

What about Safe Trick or Treat?
You are responsible for bringing candy and a bucket to participate in this event for kids. If you don’t have candy we will have candy available at Registration for $10/bag. There will be 100 pieces in each bag.

What is the Artist Alley Experience?
This is for children aged 6 – 12 to learn what it’s like to be an Artist at C4. The booth is sponsored by the SMD Foundation and all we ask is that as an Artist at C4, you dedicate 15-20 minutes of your time at the booth, talking to the kids participating about their art, and inspiring them to become great artists. You don’t have to participate if you don’t want to, but this is something we feel is a great attraction for C4.

When will I be mailed out my Artist Information Package?
We don’t mail anything out via snail mail. You will get an e-mail from us pointing you to this page, and giving you any other updates that are not included on this page. All the basic info you need to know about being an Artist at C4 is right here.

I have another question. who do I contact?
Email with your question, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!

What if I want to register for next year?

Registration forms for 2015 are here:

Winnipeg Comic & Toy Expo Feb 22

Wonderland Festival Apr 18 & 19

Winnipeg Comic & Toy Expo Sept 20

Central Canada Comic Con Oct 30 – Nov 1




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