A Bloody Good Time at Horror Con!

This past weekend the RBC Convention Centre was invaded by a host of goblins, ghouls, zombies and a varied amount of just plain unsavory types.

We had a ton of fun and we hope you did too – artists and vendors alike had some pretty badass set-ups (thanks for making the floor look SO good) and whether you were hunting for some gorey rockabilly dresses, skull decor, spooky art or masks, it was all covered.

Adrienne Barbeau, Bill Moseley and Bob Elmore were so much fun to meet and talk to – the clowns who invaded the show especially had a great time promoting them in truly wild style (thanks guys!)

Saturday night, the show invaded The Garrick for a concert series featuring Dark Messiah, Commencing Human Desperation, Eveon and Last Horizon. It was a late late night but as convention attendees do, you all battled on to get right back to the show the next day and do your best to make your way through the Zombie Gauntlet! How many were infected and will be wreaking havoc of their own? Only time will tell 😉

And so, the second annual St.Valentine’s Day Horror Con drew to a close. A fun and successful time was had by all – we hope to see YOU next time!